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The golden boys and the Herstatt Bank - a spectacular bankruptcy with consequences

The golden boys and the Herstatt Bank - a spectacular bankruptcy with consequences

Broadcast on May 6, 2024

In the interview:

Ulrich Klüh, Professor of Economics at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences
Christoph Kaserer, Professor of Financial Management and Capital Markets at the Technical University of Munich

The bankruptcy of Cologne's Herstatt Bank was one of the most spectacular in German history. Thousands of bank customers lost money. Things had started so well when the foreign exchange traders - known internally as golden boys - started betting on currencies. By Maike Brzoska

Author of this episode: Maike Brzoska
Director: Sabine Kienhöfer
Speakers: Katja Amberger, Friedrich Schuler, Christian Schuler
Technology: Ruth-Maria Ostermann, Lorenz Kersten
Editor: Nicole Ruchlak

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Subproject 2:

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Klüh will speak on April 23, 2024 at Haus am Dom (Frankfurt am Main) on the financing of the socio-ecological transformation under the title: Materiality and Plurality of Climate Finance: Beyond Blackrock and the Debt Brake.

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Subproject 2: 

Transformation talk from the Saarland Chamber of Labor
“Transformation financing beyond the debt brake and Blackrock”




Financing the social-ecological transformation

Tue April 23, 2024, 7:00 pm

With: Prof. Ulrich Klüh, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Response: Georg Schürmann, Managing Director Triodos Bank NV Germany

When we hear the term “financing social-ecological transformation,” we usually think of sustainable equity funds or the federal government's climate and transformation fund. But what role do savings banks and Volksbanks actually play? What can the ECB do? And which tax system can best be used to finance public investments in climate protection? But do these questions really get to the heart of the problem? Prof. Ulrich Klüh will speak about the nexus of money and matter: plurality and materiality of transformation financing.

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